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Strategy Coaching
Personnel Recruitment

Optimise and automate your recruitment process - easier, faster, better and cheaper than "classic" recruiting!

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How you can simplify your recruiting, automate it, improve it and reduce costs and find suitable candidates for 80% of your vacancies after only 3 weeks ...

Let me support you

No-one is born a master, are they? Or do you know of any great athletes who have worked their way to the top single-handedly and without any hard training? Hardly!

Successful entrepreneurs and managers seek the guidance of a specialised coach - an expert in the fields of human resources, personnel selection, personnel development, promotion of young talent, HR process optimisation and corporate management.

The process chain breaks at its weakest link

Important sub-processes of a modern and efficient recruiting routine are

  • Sourcing - which publishing channels do you use?

  • Contacting - how do you address the target group appropriately?

  • Matching - how do you (automatically) identify the most suitable candidates?

  • Onboarding - how can you facilitate the newcomers' introduction and retention?

If these sub-processes are not optimised in a balanced way, your recruiting will suffer - as we know, the chain breaks at its weakest link, or sub-process.

Candidate-centred Recruitment

Your recruitment process should also take into account the different requirements of the various stakeholders (line managers, recruiters, candidates and staff). Here we are increasingly seeing: "Away from the classic, recruiter-centred approach towards candidate-centred recruitment!" Because the bait (job advertisement) must be to the liking of the fish (applicant) and not the fisherman (recruiter). The same applies to the way jobs should be filled in the future.

What are your challenges?
Do you want to know how you can ...

  • save time, energy and money in recruitment, e.g. how to avoid costly recruitment agencies?

  • create appealing job advertisements that attract applicants?

  • use the best recruitment channels that not only bring in many applications but also an increasing number of good finalists?

  • find more applicants again so that you have options?

  • process incoming applications efficiently and with little effort?

  • compare shortlisted applicants with each other transparently?

  • only conduct fruitful and targeted interviews?

  • significantly improve the candidate experience and optimally support your new hires?



Then book your coaching now! Or start with the 18 Minutes

Analysis 'Recruitment Advertising' first (see below) ...

How much does the Strategy Coaching cost?

The daily rate (basis: 8 h) is CHF 2'400.- plus VAT, excluding travel expenses.

How can you register?

Call me at +41 62 544 71 44, send me an email at or register online using my contact form.


The 18 Minutes Analysis for Successful 'Recruitment Advertising'


There are plenty of personnel and management consultants - good and not so good.

How can you get to know me and build up the necessary trust?

All it takes is 18 minutes of your time and you'll know more. Take the first, important step towards more successful recruitment practices and optimise your recruitment marketing ...

Yes, I would like to benefit from the Strategy Coaching 'Personnel Recruitment' right away and hereby register for the Consultation:


You already know the 18 Minutes Analysis and want to go all the way? Great! Then give me a call: +41 62 544 71 44, send me an email at or register online using my contact form. Of course, your personal details will be treated confidentially - please refer to my privacy policy.

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