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18 Minutes Analysis 
Personnel Marketing

For more Visibility as an Employer - and many good Applications!

Order 18 Minutes Analysis now

If your job advertisements don't work, don't bring any suitable applications, you can't find people and you can't serve your clients on time ...

then you have a serious problem: without the employees you need, nothing works, your own supply chain comes to a standstill, ordered overtime sooner or later leads to internal resignation and unexpected departures even among the most loyal employees.


Not being able to deliver makes HR managers look pretty old to line managers and management. Acceptance is jeopardised and, in the worst case, can even cost you your own job.

Would you like to spend just 18 minutes to find out where your recruitiment advertising measures still have potential for development?

Find out if you are ready for more job applicants, more enquiries and better candidates! Take on our 25 questions and evaluations based on over 30 years of HR experience!


What you will find out with the 18 minutes analysis:


Are you clearly positioned as an employer - is your employer branding attractive? Do you communicate effectively and attract your applicants in a magnetic way? Are you advertising through the right channels? Do you target the needs of applicants and employees with your measures? How should you structure a job advertisement? What should not be included in a job advertisement? Could you get more out of your recruitment advertising budget?


Over the past years, I have accumulated a huge wealth of experience in the areas of employer branding and personnel advertising. For this reason, I decided to put down on paper the most important questions and answers regarding whether a job offer is marketed correctly or not, and to make them accessible to interested entrepreneurs and HR professionals in the form of an analysis.

What is included in the 18 Minutes Analysis on the
Subject of Recruitment Advertising?

  • Step 1: You receive an online Zoom call so I don't have to travel. Over the course of about 18 minutes, I will ask you a few questions about your employer branding and personnel advertising.  During this meeting you will arrange a second appointment for my presentation of the results - if preferred I can also pay you a visit at your company.

  • Step 2: Based on my analysis, I show you where you are doing well already and where you still have potential for development. I also make you acquainted with concrete solutions and new approaches.

How much will it cost?

The 18 Minutes Analysis costs CHF 630.- plus VAT, excluding travel costs.

How can you register?

Call me at +41 62 544 71 44, send me an email at or register online using my contact form.

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