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Requirement-related Potential Analyses

With strictly requirement-based potential analyses, I offer you a supplement or alternative to job interviews and tests with only low prognostic validity.

This is because referring to the functional or job requirements is indispensable for matters of personnel selection and development. Only the strict focus on requirements results in an above-average validity or a prognostic quality of up to 75%.

If you have only been using typology-based personality tests, motivation or brain structure tests up to now, I offer you the opportunity to switch to one of our potential analyses at attractive conditions during my 'Change Weeks for HR Professionals and CEOs':

  • COMPETENCES Potential analyses for specialist and manager levels

  • from CHF 180 per evaluation

  • MINI PEP Potential Analyses with Candidate Ranking

  • Point package prices on request

  • PEP Potential Evaluation Programme, probably the most comprehensive talent management tool ever.

  • from CHF 440 per evaluation

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