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Tool Tip #1
CompetenCe Check Set

"How to let the quality of your staff improve almost automatically ..."
(Below Video in German only)

What I can offer you

If you have been a CEO or in the HR business for a while, you might feel like many others: Things are not going badly, but the employee quality sometimes or even increasingly leaves a lot to be desired.




CHECK Set, I help you to hire only truly suitable candidates:


In order to be certain about the shortlisted candidates, you will use the strictly requirement-based COMPETENCES Analysis of Potential to examine the candidates' degree of the so-called universal competences, which are of fundamental importance for professionals and executives in the workplace.

What it will do for you

COMPETENCES helps you to do your job as CEO or HR manager even easier and better.


An email to the candidates is all it takes for them to start the potential analysis online. The evaluation will be available for viewing and downloading in your account immediately afterwards. 


2-4 candidates can also be conveniently compared with each other in a cross-comparison.


By using the potential analysis, you can ensure that the quality of your staff improves continuously, almost by itself. This will also earn you points with your line managers - they will definitely appreciate it.

What you should do next

Get the tools that will get you better employees - my tip: the get-to-know-you offer worth more than 1,200 Euros - now with voucher code

K-C_S_23 for only 120 Euros (120 CHF).

What a steal!


The offer is limited in time and to the first 50 new customers.

If you sometimes wish you had better professionals and managers and want to do something about it, then order your 'COMPETENCE CHECK Set' now and use it right away for your next open position or potential assessment.

And: 120 Euros for the whole set, that should fit into your budget, don't you think?

Arbeiten auf der Couch mit Computer

"My strictly requirements-based Potential Analyses offer the highest Level of decision-making Security at all hierarchical Levels."

René Anderegg

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