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applicant management software
different. Lean.

I help you to recruit suitable employees easily, quickly, professionally and cost-effectively with the unique applicant management system LEAN RECRUITING. 

Due to the size of your company, you may have neither your own HR experts nor enough time to take care of recruitment professionally. Let me take over for you ...

And if your HR team is already keen to implement the lean idea in their own midst, I will support you during the software roll-out, from licensing to the successful implementation of LEAN RECRUITING - until your team masters it too. After all, it pays off:

  • Process acceleration thanks to

    • Sourcing - using target group-specific channels

    • Contacting - approaching candidates differently

    • Matching - evaluate candidates automatically

    • Onboarding - facilitating/consolidating candidates' entry

  • Quality improvement

  • Cost reduction

  • Top Candidate Experience included

  • from CHF 30,000 (licensing)

    • that may seem high to you at first glance.​

    • I think that our prices, measured against the value of our offer, are absolutely competitive.

    • After all, higher prices also mean better quality for you and thus greater certainty in your decision-making.

  • or from CHF 4'000.- (basic fee Lean Recruiting applicant management and potential evaluations)

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