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Tool Tip #2
Google Sheets 'Get Things Done' App

"How to manage all your Projects, Tasks, Ideas, Plans and Meeting Agendas in a single Google Spreadsheets App ..."


What I can offer you

If you've been looking for a tool to help you get a better handle on your daily tasks for a while, you'll be like others:

You've been eyeing up different software, hoping it would help you get everything done - only to find that most of the software tools available for purchase didn't actually make you more productive on their own. Because tools are only as good as our ability to work with them in the most organised and disciplined way possible.

Maybe you have already read David Allen's book 'Getting Things Done ...', but you haven't found a suitable tool that really helps you to implement his extremely valuable suggestions.

With my Google Sheets 'GET THINGS DONE' App, I support you in becoming more focused and productive in the sense of GTD in the simplest way possible.

So if you already use Google Workspace or even just Google Sheets, it's worth using this app every day!

What it will do for you

The Google Sheets 'GET THINGS DONE' App helps you to collect all your important projects, tasks, delegations and meetings in a Google Sheets workbook, document them (with notes), prioritise them, mark them as done and archive them automatically for later review. 

The app consists of 10 + 1 spreadsheets (the latter for the codes used):. 

  1. Today

  2. Projects

  3. Projects (P)

  4. Next Actions

  5. Next Actions (P)

  6. Waiting for

  7. Agenda with

  8. Incubator

  9. Projects Archive

  10. Actions Archive

  11. Codes

Private or non-business-related projects and actions are stored in the tables with the abbreviation (P) and administered accordingly.

Google App Scripts help you with the daily sorting, with duplicating and moving of project or action items (e.g. move a project temporarily to the incubator and vice versa).

What you should do next

Get the Google Sheets 'GET THINGS DONE' App, which will massively increase your productivity, provided you use it meticulously every day - as a member you can order the Release 1.0 version at half price using the respective voucher code (more see below).

Wishes and suggestions will be gladly implemented in later, supplemented versions and offered for purchase again. Thank you in advance for your help in the further development of this app!

If you finally want to get an overview of all your projects, ideas and goales, and realise them in an efficient way, then order the Google Sheets 'GET THINGS DONE' App Template now and use it for all your next private and business projects:

Template Price

(without voucher code, excl. VAT):


Return Policy:

We offer 60 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

Google Sheets 'GET THINGS DONE' App - Example Business Projects/Next Actions


Google Sheets 'GET THINGS DONE' App - Example Private Projects/Next Actions (P)


Learn more about the Google Sheets 'GET THINGS DONE' App - on

Interested in more information? How and why the app works so easily? Then read my article series 'A clever Google Sheets App to Get Things Done' published on

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