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I help recruiters and CEOs whose staff recruitment and development has stalled to make much better staffing decisions - easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Without having you to work around the clock and lose a lot of time and money.


Free knowledge package:
For more decision-making certainty


The "shortcut" to increasing decision-making certainty in recruiting and personnel development by at least 65%,

  • without being blinded by well-done application documents and pleasantly told stories, or

  • without having made an emotional and subjective preliminary decision based on the applicant's self-confident appearance, pleasant manner, polished expression, pleasant handshake and more.

  • In short: without relying solely on one's own gut feeling.

My philosophy is effective







If you know where and how to attract the right applicants, convert them into employees with little effort and systematically develop your top performers (= the right ones) in a requirement-oriented manner, you will have everything you need to bind your human resources to the company in the long term. 

With my 18-Minute Analysis for personnel advertising and my Strategy Coaching for personnel recruitment, you will take the best path so that your job advertisements will again bring in suitable applications, you will quickly and reliably find the right people and you will again be able to serve your most important target group, namely your customers, just in good time.


Clients - WHO IS HERE?

Typically, I work with troubled HR managers and CEOs of small and medium sized companies who often fail to recruit enough and most importantly qualified candidates in a suitable timeframe. I help the former to take significantly better HR decisions - lower turnover rates, cost savings and increased competitiveness included.


  1. Are you a CEO, division manager or Personnel Manager (m/f/d)?

  2. Do you want your team to be more effective, your department more productive, your staff more competent and thus your company more competitive?

  3. Do you want to massively improve your Kununu/Glassdoor/Indeed company rating and thus your image as an employer?

  4. Do you want to become more visible and attractive to potential job applicants (also) on the hidden labour market and only approach and invite the right candidates for an interview?

  5. Do you want to learn how to design attractive online job advertisements in order to receive 3-4 times more applications than before, without having to put up with extra preselective work?

  6. Do you want to save 25-50% of your annual recruitment costs in the future?

  7. Are you looking for HR tools that offer you efficiency gains and the highest decision-making security?

  8. Are you tired of spending your time and energy only on operational matters and instead want more freedom for important, strategic considerations?

  9. Would you like to spend more time with your family or enjoy a well-deserved holiday without a guilty conscience?

IF YOU HAVE ANSWERED YES TO AT LEAST THREE QUESTIONS, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. OTHERWISE, THIS WEBSITE IS TRULY NOT FOR YOU - but do you know anyone who is interested in attracting not only many clients, but also enough qualified employees? Thanks for your tip - if your referral converts, I'll buy you lunch!


Consulting OfferS


Knowledge Package

for more Certainty in Important Personnel Decisions

How you, as an entrepreneur, HR manager or executive, can make better personnel decisions in the future, hire more suitable employees and develop them adequately ...


18 Minutes Analysis
Recruitment Advertising

for more Visibility as an Employer - finally more Applications!

If your job advertisements do not attract suitable applications,

you can hardly find staff and thus can't serve your clients on time anymore... 


Strategy Coaching Personnel Recruitment

optimise and automate your Recruitment Process

If your recruitment process is not yet candidate-centred, too time-consuming and too slow, if frequent miscasts cause unnecessary frustration and costs ...

I help you to ...

  • strengthen your image as an employer (also on Kununu) and become more visible and attractive for potential job candidates.

  • design your online job advertisements in order to receive 3-4 times more applications, so you can count on a broader and better selection of applicants, without more work effort.

  • find, approach and select better qualified applicants - even when you need to do it quickly.

  • list all applicants in a clear ranking in terms of basic requirements and evaluation of potential for success automatically and with little effort - getting full process transparency.

  • evaluate the ten best candidates in a cross-comparison so that you only have to talk to the 3-4 most promising ones. You will only have to spend 6-8 hours on filling a vacancy!

  • conduct more productive and targeted interviews.

  • make transparent and comprehensible personnel decisions.

  • automate your recruitment process, saving you time, energy and money.

  • fill vacancies within only three weeks in 80% of cases. 

  • last but not least: ... I help you to revise and optimise your HR processes, personnel management systems, policies & procedures, your personnel contracts and regulations, etc., if necessary, in short: Creating favourable conditions to avoid major problems or even prevent damage.


Knowledge Package Aptitude Diagnostics


18 Minutes Analysis
Recruitment Advertising


Strategy Coaching Personnel Recruitment

And you? 

  • What personnel challenges are YOU currently facing?

  • Let me know - call me at +41 62 544 71 44, send me an email at ran@reneanderegg.com or register online using our contact form.


for more efficiency and Certainty in personnel Decisions

Requirement-related Potential Analyses

With strictly requirement-based analyses of potential, I offer you a supplement or alternative to job interviews and tests with only low prognostic validity.


This is because referring to the functional or job requirements is indispensable for matters of personnel selection and development. Only the strict focus on requirements results in an above-average validity or a prognostic quality of up to 75%.


If you have only been using typology-based personality tests, motivation or brain structure tests up to now, I offer you the opportunity to switch to one of our analyses of potential at attractive conditions during my 'Change Weeks for HR Professionals and CEOs':

  • COMPETENCES Potential analyses for professionals and managers

  • from CHF 180 per evaluation

  • MINI-PEP Potential Analyses with Candidate Ranking

  • Point package prices on request

  • PEP Potential Evaluation Programme, probably the most comprehensive talent management tool ever.

  • from CHF 440 per evaluation

Individual and Group Assessments

I assess your shortlisted candidates, be it in the context of staff development measures, new appointments or succession planning.


A solid individual assessment centre procedure encompasses a half-day, during which the candidates go through a set of classic assessment centre tasks, including potential analysis.


For group assessments, I use a proven and, compared to classic ACs, cost-effective group AC procedure in the form of a strategy meeting, the so-called SMAC assessment. It has proven to be particularly useful in combination with prior LEAN RECRUITING. I would be happy to tell you more about this in a personal conversation. The associated advantages:

  • Proven procedures/methodology

  • Highest validity

  • Cost-effective and efficient

Not on offer due to Corona

Applicant Management
Software - Different. Lean.

I help you to recruit suitable employees easily, quickly, professionally and cost-effectively with the unique applicant management system LEAN RECRUITING. 


Due to the size of your company, you may have neither your own HR experts nor enough time to take care of recruitment professionally. Let me take over for you ...


And if your HR team is already keen to implement the lean idea in their own midst, I will support you during the software roll-out, from licensing to the successful implementation of LEAN RECRUITING - until your team masters it too. After all, it pays off:

  • Process acceleration thanks to

    • Sourcing

    • Contacting

    • Matching

    • Onboarding

  • Quality improvement

  • Cost reduction

  • Top Candidate Experience included

  • from CHF 30,000 (licensing)

    • that may seem high to you at first glance.​

    • I think that our prices, measured against the value of our offer, are absolutely competitive.

    • After all, higher prices also mean better quality for you and thus greater certainty in your decision-making.

Arbeiten auf der Couch mit Computer

"My strictly requirements-based potential analyses offer the highest level of decision-making security at all hierarchical levels."

René Anderegg

Tool Tip
CompetenCeS Check Set

"How to let the quality of your staff improve almost automatically ..."
(Below Video in German only)

What I can offer you

If you have been a CEO or in the HR business for a while, you might feel like many others: Things are not going badly, but the employee quality sometimes or even increasingly leaves a lot to be desired.



With my COMPETENCE CHECK set, I help you to hire only truly suitable candidates:


In order to be certain about the shortlisted candidates, you will use the strictly requirement-based COMPETENCES Analysis of Potential to examine the candidates' degree of the so-called universal competences, which are of fundamental importance for professionals and executives in the workplace.

What it will do for you

COMPETENCES helps you to do your job as CEO or HR manager even easier and better.


An email to the candidates is all it takes for them to start the potential analysis online. The evaluation will be available for viewing and downloading in your account immediately afterwards. 


2-4 candidates can also be conveniently compared with each other in a cross-comparison.


By using the potential analysis, you can ensure that the quality of your staff improves continuously, almost by itself. This will also earn you points with your line managers - they will definitely appreciate it.

What you should do next

Get the tools that will get you better employees - my tip: the get-to-know-you offer worth more than 1,200 euros - now for only 120 euros (144 CHF).

What a steal!


The offer is limited to the first 50 new customers.


If you sometimes wish you had better professionals and managers and want to do something about it, then order your 'COMPETENCE CHECK Set' now and use it right away for your next open position or potential assessment.

And: 120 euros for the whole set, that should fit into any budget, don't you think?

Menschen schütteln Hände

"The right person in the right place saves a lot of money and many a bad word."

René Anderegg


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FREE Knowledge package - for more certainty in decision making

"Learn how you, as an entrepreneur, HR manager or executive, can make better personnel decisions in the future, hire more suitable employees and develop them optimally."

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